Baby Bottle Tooth Decay | Hoboken Pediatric Dentist

From a young age, oral health is an important factor in which will affect individuals for the rest of their lives. Baby teeth are the start to an adolescent’s foundation for oral health. What many don’t know is that babies are susceptible to cavities just as much as adults are. In fact, adults are one of the main reasons as to why babies have cavities.

These cavities are known as “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.” This occurs in the upper front teeth; however it still may affect other teeth. One main cause of baby bottle tooth decay is too much exposure to drinks that contain sugar. This can also be passed down to a baby through their mothers! When a mother feeds her child and tastes food using the same spoon, that saliva may transfer bacteria into their children’s mouths.

In order to prevent this from happening, make sure to schedule a dentist appointment as soon as your child’s first tooth comes in.

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