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According to Dr. Giraldo, dentures are prosthetic devices designed to replace missing teeth. Dr. Giraldo emphasizes that the loss of teeth is most commonly caused by dental diseases such as periodontal disease. Other reasons for the loss of teeth are due to severe malnutrition, genetic defects, trauma, and drug use. Although dentures come in a variety of designs, the two main types of dentures consist of conventional dentures and other dentures that reply on bonding or clasping onto the teeth.

Conventional dentures are removable dentures that must be cleaned two to three times a day. Dr. Giraldo also offers removable partial dentures for patients who are missing only some of their teeth. Dr. Giraldo ensures patients that removable partial dentures are not only for a patient’s front teeth, but for back teeth, lower teeth, and any area where there is an obvious loss of teeth. Dr. Giraldo claims that a benefit of the removable partial dentures is that additional teeth can usually be added when remaining teeth are extracted at a later time. For those patients who are missing all of their teeth, Dr. Giraldo offers complete dentures that appear natural and improve the overall function of an individual’s teeth. If you are suffering from a significant amount of decayed teeth, complete dentures are ideal for your situation.

Dr. Giraldo also offers implant supported dentures, which are supported by implants instead of resting of the gums. Dr. Giraldo advises patients to receive implant supported dentures if there is enough bone in the jaw to support implants because they are much more stable and easier to adjust to. Dr. Giraldo adds that implant supported dentures aesthetically look better because the implants show more of the natural gums. If you have any questions on which type of dentures will fit your specific condition, consult Dr. Giraldo and the professionals at New Dimension Dentistry.

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