New York Pediatric Dental | Does My Child Need Pediatric Sealants?

Pediatric sealants are essential in protecting your child’s permanent molar teeth, as these teeth are the most susceptible to tooth decay and cavities. Many parents are still confused on what exactly pediatric sealants are and how they will benefit their child’s oral health.

Dr. Giraldo of New Dimension Dentistry thorough explains that pediatric sealants are preventive treatments that involve the placement of a plastic material on the chewing surfaces of the back molars. So why are the molars more susceptible to cavities than other teeth?

Dr. Giraldo emphasizes that the back molars are usually not protected by saliva and fluoride, which eventually allows plaque and bacteria to accumulate. For this reason, Dr. Giraldo of New Dimension Dentistry encourages parents to invest in pediatric sealants for their children in order to prevent any dental problems.

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