The Positives and Negatives of Pacifiers | New York Dentist

One of the most debated topics in pediatric dentistry spawns from the idea of pacifiers. Are they really negatively affecting your child’s life? Pacifiers have a reputation of some sort of being very negative to the health of your child’s teeth. Here are the negatives and the positives that pacifiers bring into your child’s life.


It is no secret that the use of pacifiers is a hard one to break. Children become attached to their pacifiers because they simulate a natural sort of comfort. Oftentimes, parents struggle with weaning their child off of a pacifier. Parents should be aware that a child should stop using their pacifier by the age of 2, as that is when the alignment of their teeth become more permanent, and the use of a pacifier severely affects the placement of teeth.


Believe it or not, the use of pacifiers does have positives. Aside from the natural comfort factor that pacifiers bring to the table, pacifiers help prevent or reduce the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS. A baby with a pacifier does not sleep as deeply as those who sleep without a pacifier.

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