Uneven Gums? Consider Gum Contouring | Hoboken Dentist

Have you ever noticed that your gums may come up a little bit different on each side? Uneven gums are caused by a multitude of factors such as genetics, other health issues, or taking prescription drugs. If you notice that your gums are too high, you may have something known as gum recession; in which gum tissues pulls back from a tooth and exposes its roots. Gum recession may also be an indicator of Periodontal Disease.

If you have these gum related issues, you should give Gum Contouring a try. Gum Contouring is a cosmetic procedure in which patients use to use to improve their overall appearance. Though it is not medically necessary, it does help the appearance of your teeth shift to an overall healthier outcome.

If you decide to pursue the cosmetic procedure, here’s what to expect. The surgery is performed in a dentist’s office. Using scalpels, lasers, and radiosurgery, the dentist reshapes your natural gum lines. After surgery, you should limit your activities. Your mouth will feel uncomfortable and your gum will feel sensitive and so eating soft foods and over the counter pain reliever will help you recover more smoothly.
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