What to Eat after Full Mouth Restoration | New York Dentist

Here at New Dimension Dentistry, we offer patients full mouth restoration procedures that may help one achieve the smile that they’ve always dreamed of. After one undergoes full mouth surgery, it is important that they know just how careful to be with their new mouth. Here are some food tips that one should consider after their procedure.

  • Before and after you eat, it is important to brush and rinse your teeth free of any debris leftover
  • Soft foods are a must at first. You don’t want to risk breaking or completely removing any of the work just done on your mouth. Soft foods will be easier to take down, as you won’t be struggling to chew through all of your food.
  • Once you transition into harder, more solid foods, make sure pieces are cut smaller than normal and that you take into consideration just how much pressure you want to be applying on your teeth.

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