What to Eat with New Dentures | Hoboken Dentist

Getting new dentures is an exciting event that happens to a multitude of individuals every day. The adjustment to a life with dentures may take a little time, and the process of eating will probably be the most difficult everyday challenge to overcome. Here are some tips you should follow to ensure a smoother transition into your life with new dentures.

  • Start yourself off with a liquid diet. Items such as purees or soft foods, soups, and puddings are all included in this category.
  • Watch out for food temperatures. As your new dentures come with an insulating quality, you won’t be able to measure how hot something actually is.
  • Don’t worry about your sense of taste. It will come back eventually.
  • Start slowly with solid foods, careful not to chew large pieces of food at a time.

Start out slow with your new eating habits, as unnecessary roughness may result in a crack or loosen your dentures altogether.

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